Dr. Joseph J. K. Ma

Intelligent Systems Approach® (ISA®)

Medical Director 

Dr. Joseph J.K. Ma


About Veritas: Welcome

As a trusted member of our community, Veritas has had the privilege of providing care for more than 38,000 ocular procedures over the past 13 years at our Bayview and Sheppard Location. We focus on performing surgery to help achieve freedom from glasses or contact lenses.

In individuals less than 40 yrs., this typically involves the use of either laser vision correction or lens based procedures to eliminate the need for glasses at all distances. This is also known as refractive surgery. Above the age of 40 yrs., attention is also given to the need to minimize dependency on reading glasses. However, even individuals who happen to require cataract or corneal based surgical procedures can benefit from combined procedures that can help minimize dependency on glasses or contact lenses.

Our Intelligent Systems Approach® is the result of proprietary research, clinical experience, and external collaborations, allowing us to deliver superior post-operative results for you.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy revolves around combining trusted technology and advanced surgical techniques to provide the most accurate and safest custom vision correction possible while striving to provide compassionate and attentive care.


As the trusted provider of refractive cataract, laser and corneal surgical vision correction, it has been our privilege to serve our community by delivering outstanding patient care and superior vision.

Each member of our team has personally become acquainted with the mothers, newly graduated professionals, sons, and grandparents that make up our extended family of patients; it is our patients’ zeal for life that fuels our passion and commitment to deliver the best possible vision correction results.

We believe that whether you are that young upstart who has a whole lifetime of adventures ahead of you, or you are that grandmother who is leisurely enjoying your well-deserved golden years, you should have the opportunity to take pleasure in living your life with the full benefit of the best possible vision. For that reason, we work tirelessly to develop the safest and most customized vision correction for each and every one of our patients.

Our ability to deliver superior vision results from our passion for patient care and vision correction, a passion that has compelled us to develop our own proprietary Intelligent Systems Approach® to Vision. Applying the Intelligent Systems Approach® (ISA®) to your vision correction means that you benefit from an unparalleled level of customized care, which results in better vision for you.

We feel privileged to be able to continue serving our community and extended family of patients using the most advanced technology and techniques; come visit us if you think vision correction is a life-changing step that you would like to take together.


To combine trusted technology and advanced surgical techniques to provide the most accurate and safest custom vision correction possible while striving to provide compassionate and attentive care.



We believe that everyone deserves a thorough assessment of their vision correction candidacy and an objective surgical and refractive recommendation to ensure that each patient is able to make an informed and pressure-free decision. In fact, there are always patients for whom we do not recommend surgery.

Compassion & Professionalism

We are dedicated to delivering the best possible patient experience by always striving to be professional and by demonstrating our compassion for each and every patient.

Premium Care for Every Patient

We believe that each patient deserves the safest and most advanced technology and are committed to offering the opportunity to experience the benefits of ISA® Customized Services to each person.

Technology, Expertise & Technique

We are passionate about vision science and improving patient outcomes so we have developed the Intelligent Systems Approach®; a proprietary research and experienced-based process that leverages the best technology and resources together with subspecialty expertise and refined technique to produce superior results.

Passion for Delivering Superior Results

We are passionate and committed to realizing the benefits of the Intelligent Systems Approach® through our ISA® Customized Services to yield safer procedures and superior post-operative results for each and every individual.

Our Team

We are very fortunate to have incredibly dedicated, passionate and capable associates and staff members who work as a cohesive team to serve our patients’ needs from the very beginning of their experience with our clinic. Their dedication and passion for vision care is evident through their unprompted willingness to stay late into the evenings and their capabilities have been proven from the tens of thousands of measurements that they perform each year. In addition to being well-trained, our associates and staff are caring members of the community and so they are constantly striving to enhance their delivery of care.

Lifetime Commitment

We are committed to patient satisfaction.

Once you become a member of our family of patients, you will have a lifelong partner in your vision care. As with any partnership, both sides must make a commitment, and in terms of your vision care that becomes extremely important.

You must commit to maintaining an annual follow-up appointment schedule with the optometrist or ophthalmologist managing your care.

Our commitment to you is that we will provide any retreatment services, should they become necessary at any later point, as long as it is safe medically and, in our experience, within your best interests to proceed.