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ISA® Bespoke Blended Vision: Decrease Your Need for Reading Glasses

Eyes over 40 – Need for Reading Glasses (for Cataract/Lens):

Presbyopia is an age-related process in which the natural lens gradually begins to lose its ability to focus on near objects. This ultimately results in the need for reading glasses. However, whether you are in your early 40’s, are planning, or have already had cataract surgery, there is an ISA® Bespoke Blended approach that can minimize your need for these glasses.

Most people in their mid-40’s will begin to experience blurred near vision. Although this begins initially with very close near tasks such as reading fine print and sewing, eventually this need extends to include intermediate distance tasks such as computer work as one approaches their 50’s and 60’s. This need for a reading glasses prescription is typically worse when one is tired, for those with a shorter height stature, and when reading languages with more complex character structures, such as the hanzi or kanji of traditional Chinese writing.

People with presbyopia need to hold books, magazines, newspapers, menus and other reading materials further out (at arm’s length) in order to read clearly. Without undergoing a procedure to correct for this, most people will eventually require reading glasses to see near objects and words clearly.

ISA® Bespoke Blended Vision Procedures include custom optimized treatments that are designed to minimize the need for reading glasses after surgery based on your visual needs and the specific visual architecture of your eyes. Depending on the results of your ISA® Customized Surgical Consultation based on your 13-D Diagnostic Set, we will find the option that is best suited for your needs and your very special eyes.